Busy Bee Countdown

Sorry for the lack of posting lately – life has gotten in the way a bit. In work-related news, my boss resigned and left the company, leaving me to manage our firm’s construction management department. Good career move, somewhat difficult timing, and a loss of working with someone I respect very much…so a mixed blessing of course. I’m now responsible for another 8 people’s jobs in a pretty rough economy, but I also get to do more of what I love – talk! 🙂

The countdown has also begun to our visit to Molokai. We can’t wait to see family – it’s been too long! Just two more work days, then a week out of town. So thankful for frequent flier miles, and even more grateful for family!

There are no “real” baby updates other than I feel like she’s grown a ton – or maybe I’ve just grown a ton! The “experts” (ie. What to Expect” website) say that she is 8 inches this week. Since she was 10.5 inches 4 weeks ago, I’m guessing she is larger…and judging by her kicks and turns in the evening, she is much stronger too! 🙂 Jesse has been hard at work on the house “list” – this weekend he finished sanding the table for me to varnish and moving around furniture, and I was busy dying the couch clipcovers in preparation to sell. All very boring, domestic things, other than his quick trip to the golf course and my walk on the beach boardwalk with a girl friend of mine.

Not an overly exciting update, but it’s ours! Happy Tuesday, loved ones!

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