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Rainbow on the Farm

Belly, Beach, & Golf Course
Belly, Beach, & Golf Course
Sorry it’s been so long for an update! We’ve been doing all sorts of stuff…going to Molokai to visit family, then back to work. The pics are from the trip – one to show that I’m still growing & growing, and one beautiful rainbow over the Wheeler Plumeria farm.

It was so great to see family for a week – wish we got out there more! And great timing because now I feel so huge that I really don’t think I would want to travel much longer. It’s the start of the 3rd trimester, so I guess I need to expect uncomfortable-ness for the rest of the time!

I don’t have much news other than that. We’ve been continuing to build the “nursery”, and my mom is almost done with the bedding. Jesse put the crib together, we picked up additional furniture (thanks, Mom & Dad! We love the couch and wall units!), and it’s all coming together nicely. It’s really the first time we’ve truly been “moved in” to this house together in our two plus years of marriage, so it’s very refreshing for both of us. If this is nesting, I hope we continue to do this!

Work has been a little rough lately, so we can use prayer there. I’m just blessed to still have a job, as they’ve laid off more and more people, and we’ve now taken a 20% paycut across the board for those of us left. I continue to just focus on being healthy and trying to minmize stress so that our little girl doesn’t feel the effects of it all! Jesse is enjoying his job, so we hope to see a sale soon to pay off his hard work. I’m so proud of him for being so diligent with this company – I know good things will come from it some time.

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