So, now that I’ve gained about 30 pounds, I’m making some plans to get it off. Don’t worry, not before she’s born…but hopefully shortly after. I have to be honest, among the reasons I don’t want a C-section (there are others), is that I really don’t want to have to be away from the gym for longer than I have to. Plus, it just sounds painful from the friends who have had to go that route!

Anyways, I’m wondering if this race: Austin Half Ironman, would be too lofty of a goal to shoot for. I’ll have to ask my race partner, Telli – who roped me into these things before, and it turned out to be so much fun. Plus, I don’t see any way to train for a half ironman without at least shedding some of the weight I’ve put on during pregnancy! 😉

It’s also some motivation to get in the pool this week. I keep coming up with excuse after excuse, when really – it’s just laziness that prevents me from getting in the water. Well, that and work schedule and cold weather. But those perhaps also fall under “excuses”!

Anyone up to train with me? Or do I have to rope Jesse into it too?!

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