And Apparently I Am Friends With Crazies Too…

because yesterday I gave my “half-ironman-5-months-post-child” idea to 3 of my friends, and they ALL are up for it and ready to do it. So, crazy attracts crazy apparently. Poor Jesse. He might have to get on a bike, which he promised me at marriage to do and hasn’t done since the broken collarbone incident. The things we do for love 😉

The baby is pretty crazy herself. She does some serious ninja-kicking now…during the day at work, right after dinner, and especially around 3 AM or so. Perhaps that will be her schedule of choice. Honestly, I’m fine with anything as long as I’m not working. Making it through the day each day is the toughest part right now, so I’m really looking forward to just focusing on the family for 3 months when I take my leave. I’m also looking forward to attempting to work a 32-hour week (reduced hours!) starting next week. We’ll see how that works out in reality, but I’ll be very, very happy if I manage to reduce for the next 2-3 months.

We’ve also signed up for classes now, and are meeting with a doula. It’s was becoming increasingly clear that we needed to do that, considering health care in Santa Barbara for expecting mothers. Not that it is bad – I definitely think we are blessed to have great health care – but it also was definitely clear that they do not hesitate to put you in induced labor, C-section mode, and any number of modified situations that I may not be completely on board with, as long as there is another option available. So, I’d just like someone consistent there with us to aid in our decision making process along the way. Jesse is completely on board with it too, so that is especially nice!

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