Birth Day

Today’s our 2nd birth class, so that’s the way we’re spending my birthday. Luckily, we decided to do a nice dinner on Saturday evening and ‘actually’ celebrate that night. And the classes aren’t bad – in fact, I’m looking forward to it because I did enjoy it last week, so there definitely could be worse things.

We also had a really nice birthday dinner with my family last night. I am so thankful for both my parents, in addition to Nana & Papa and Grandma. Again, we came home with new baby items, including our wonderful nursery bedding! It was fun to bring it home and set it all up – making the room that much closer to done! Good thing since next week is 30 weeks…which leaves us only 10 to go!

Today (on the “real” day), besides birth class, I did choose to leave work really early today and go hiking with Jesse and his cousin, Tegan, who just moved here, and her boyfriend. And THAT was a great birthday! The weather has been beautiful – sunny, clear, and warm, just how we like it! What a great intro for her to California as well, although I’m sure she can handle the little bit of rain that’s supposed to come later in the week.

In other hiking news, I’ve actually been hiking for the past 3 days and it feels so great. I’m super slow, but at least I can do it, and it makes me feel so much healthier. I cannot wait to workout after the baby and get back in shape again!

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