TGI Friday!

I suppose I need a Friday picture update. I don’t have any here today, but perhaps I’ll try to add one later. If I go home, I’ll take a picture of our beautiful new nursery additions – the bedding! Courtesy of my talented mother. I wish I could sew and make wonderfully beautiful and useful things like she does, but I think I’ve given up on the patience part of learning that skill. It looks great though. We only need a few minor adjustments on the bumpers, and it’s done. Well, that and a crib sheet, which we’ll either get at the shower or pick a few up later.

As for the belly, she is getting bigger every day. I feel like as she grows, she has been moving around less. She was really extremely active for a few weeks, and now, although she moves around a bit, she just doesn’t seem to have as much room perhaps to kick and squirm. I’ll try to give an update picture on that later too. Maybe when she is squeezed all to one side, deforming my midsection like I couldn’t imagine!

The countdown clock is at 78 days. How crazy is that? SO soon. I’m going to put in my notice for disability request today as well. I feel a little bad asking for the couple of weeks off before the baby, but I think it will be necessary with everything we need to get done. And now that I am having a few more responsibilities at work (I know it is a little boring to mention work, but I’m happy with the new promotion this week: First woman principal engineer at my company, and now head of my department! Ahh! It was my birthday present from them, I guess), I just feel like exiting a little early might be good for everyone’s health. We’ll see what the reaction is.

Other than that, just bracing for more rain today and this weekend. So much for the gorgeous weather of last weekend, when we hiked three days in a row! I hope that it just clears up next weekend. Both in Arizona and here…as Jesse will be going to Phoenix for work, and I’ll be left here to hike with girlfriends and doggies!

Happy weekend, family & friends!

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