I usually like to think of myself as fairly practical. Especially with the baby stuff because we really have not “overbought” at this point at all – in fact, we really have been careful not to overbuy – partly because we don’t have the space, but mostly because we just don’t want a TON of baby gear that we won’t use. So…we figure we can always buy later if there is something we’re missing.

Except, apparently, for bathing suits, that is. I’m going to blame the start of it on Jesse (don’t the poor husbands always get the blame ;)?) When we visited Hawaii, he made his first baby purchase, which was the cute Roxy suit that will probably fit her when she is over a year, but we had to have it anyway. Since then, as far as clothes go, we’ve only purchased a onesie – and were awaiting after the baby shower to buy anything else to fill in the ‘holes’. That is, until this weekend when we were at Babys R Us to buy our carseat…and saw another super-cute bathing suit that we decided would be more “fitting” (literally – it’s a 3-6 month instead of 24 month size). So, now our little girl is officially equipped for the lake or the beach…so she’ll be able to swim in style. And she is the proud owner of no other “real” clothes besides two bathing suits. Not so practical, except for the fact that both Jesse and I spend more of our lives in bathing suits (or board shorts) than anything other than work clothes probably…so that’s our excuse, and we’re sticking to it. šŸ˜‰
Oh, and just in case you wanted to see the proof:

The Evidence

One Reply to “Practicality”

  1. WELL!! as Gramma of 4 boys…believe me, you will be well stocked with girl clothes!! Every where Nicci and i go now, we just HAVE to check out the girl section. We already have a mini-mound of what we think are so cute!! No worries on the clothing supply ;o)
    We are having so much fun!

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