Eat Your Veggies

In an effort to eat healthier, incorporate more veggies in our diets, support local farming, AND be environmentally sensitive, Jesse and I have opted to join a local produce delivery service:

We received our first box on Saturday, which I had actually forgotten was coming. What a nice surprise to come home to a fresh box of local lavendar, parsley, beets, multi-colored carrots, onion, apples, mandarins, leaf broccoli, spinach, and lettuce. Kind of a bummer that Jesse is gone this weekend, and that we have our class on Monday (ie. no cooking dinner), so I used the first of the “crop” tonight to make a really yummy (and healthy) stir-fry of onion, leaf broccoli, beet greens, spinach, mushrooms, and tofu. I know, sounds almost too healthy to taste good, but it was really tasty, I promise (Jesse would have loved it actually). Then, because I used the beet greens, I got ambitious and looked up a recipe for some carrot/beet soup, and ended up making it for my lunches this week (I snuck a taste and it’s awesome too!). So, not only did I eat local and healthy, but also organic and MUCH more colorful and fresh than I normally would have. Well worth the $30 box so far.

Also, as a sidenote, I was again able to use my new birthday blender – which is officially the best appliance that I own, thanks to Nana and Papa. I’ve only used it for smoothies so far, but since the intention was to get it to make baby food eventually, I decided the soup was a good test start. And it worked amazingly!

I suppose this post makes me officially “middle-aged”. There is no “young adult” who would: A) get as excited as I did over a box of produce on my porch, B) be as happy with the use of the new blender and “gourmet” soup recipe, or C) eat as many vegetables as I have consumed in one day, much less the amount I plan to consume this week.

However, this makes me very, very happy, regardless. Now, I just can’t wait for Jesse to get home from Phoenix! He at least, if not actually being excited, will be a wonderfully dutiful husband to his pregnant wife and feign great excitment over the produce, the cooking, and the blender. I can’t wait to see him! šŸ™‚

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  1. I think ‘middle-aged’ might be a stretch. Just think about what that makes me – yikes, on second thought let’s not go there! Maybe just responsible mother-to-be would be better. We did a similar service when living in SM and we loved it as well. In addition to the produce they would include easy recipes that were really helpful to get good use of the items. Love you – Mom

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