I passed!

After a big “fail” on my first glucose test (my hunch is mainly because of my multiple birthday celebrations mixed in with Valentine’s Day candy), I ended up passing the incredibly long (almost 6 hours in there for a 3 hour test!) second glucose test. In fact, the nurse said my numbers were “perfect”. I’m very thankful to my doula for some advice beforehand. I don’t think my sugar levels are normally a problem, as we eat really healthy for the most part, but I do know that first test was taken at a fairly inopportune time. Maybe if the doctor’s informed me a little more about what each of these tests were, I’d be a little more prepared and save both of us some time. However, the lack of willingness to explain things is what prompted me to hire the doula, and she is well worth it so far, along with the childbirthing classes that my doctor deemed “unneccessary”.

In other related news, during our class discussion on Monday night, some of the ladies talked about cloth diapering. I had dismissed this as a possibility prior, as it really seemed like just another thing to deal with in this whole process, but after listening to them it does sound pretty easy. Well, and that wasn’t the main draw for me – it also sounded cheaper (especially if we have another kid ever, and you can actually recoup some cost by selling when you are done on Craigslist)! Hmmm… I guess ‘more affordable’ is our biggest selling point, as the ‘easy’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ didn’t suck me in, or the claims that there is less chance of diaper rash with cotton (I feel like that can’t be all that much different, since millions of people use disposable every day). So, I’m considering signing up for a free workshop. There is a lady in town who sells the supplies for cloth diapering, and is a huge advocate, so she will either come to your home and do a consultation, or she puts on these workshops where you get to see the options for cloth diapering. Jesse and I have decided to at least check it out to see if it’d be for us.

So, pretty exciting life here these days. Diabetes testing and cloth diapering. It’s a big party down here. 😉 BUT…I AM looking forward to our little party this weekend – Desiree is putting on a shower for me, and I’m really excited to see everyone. Mandy’s flying in from Texas for the shindig, and I haven’t seen her in what seems like forever, so I’m really, really looking forward to it. It will also be really fun for my mom to meet some of my friends and ladies from my church – they’ve all been so wonderful, not just during the pregnancy of course, but especially now. Although I wish we were closer to San Luis sometimes for when we have the baby, I’m really glad to have such a great group of friends and support in Santa Barbara – that has been the biggest blessing and I’m sure will continue to be!

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