65 days?

I just looked at the little “countdown” icon we have, and it’s telling me I have 65 days left before she is due! That’s crazy!

On one hand, I feel like we’ll be ready. I’ll be off work, we’ll have everything set up, and I’m big (ie. uncomfortable) enough as it is, so no problem physically being done with this. On the other, it’s like it all flew by, and I know once she is here, it’s the point of no return (not that I’m already past that point anyways – ha ha). It will all change, and there is no going back…so that makes me not in a huge hurry to go forward. Everything seems to be pretty good status-quo, the calm before the storm…so although I’m looking forward to it, I’m just not quite there yet. It’s fun feeling life inside, and once she is outside, there are so many other things to think about.

But…65 days. And 30 days of work left at the end of this week – and that part I’m ready for!

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