I had the best weekend – some good friends rallied together to throw us a shower for our little girl! I feel so blessed to have such a great support group here in Santa Barbara of friends and church family, and it was really fun to have my mom and grandma here to meet some of them. I’ll post a few of the pics here to share.

Here’s one of my favorites from Jesse’s mom and sister – and was definitely a favorite of Jesse’s when I showed him!

Daddy Onesie
Daddy Onesie

Here’s the belly:

32 weeks!
32 weeks!

Here’s a pic of the people at the end of the shower – unfortunately we missed the group shot, so this was just a few of us that stuck around to visit later, including Jesse’s cousin:

The Remainder of the Group! 🙂

Another shot with Mandy – who wins for furthest distance to attend!

Mandy Lou & Kel

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