Almost done with 32!

I don’t know why I feel this is some ‘milestone’, but I do. I guess it’s the end of an “even” 8 months, which makes it seem so much closer to the end. Or maybe it’s that at the end of each week now I feel more accomplished in that I’m just a little bit more uncomfortable each of these weeks, putting me closer to that time when I really want her to be out and join us!

It also really put in perspective yesterday that I could actually technically have the baby at any minute. I had a friend who is due just under a week before us, and she actually had a C-section yesterday. It wasn’t the best of circumstances for them, but she did have a (albeit very, very tiny) baby that they are considering ‘healthy’, except that he has to be in the NICU until he reaches a certain weight. Definitely not ideal, but they are dealing with it very well with the help of many prayers from friends and family. And I think it has been good to realize that we can actually have a healthy baby at this point, which is obviously something every pregnant woman thinks fairly constantly about.

On the job front, things have been a little hard. Keeping up physically with work is getting more difficult, and it doesn’t help that I had yet another employee resign. However, on Jesse’s job front, he has had a recent influx of options! I’m so proud of him – he has been working SO hard with the job he is going right now and has been so positive about it, and I’ve even heard comments from friends of his ‘boss’ (sort of – more like partner or mentor in this particular business) that he is so happy with working with Jesse. Anyways, a couple of opportunities have presented themselves lately with this and other jobs, and he has really been ‘taking the bull by the horns’ and pursuing them – which is going to pay off one way or another (it’s definitely impressed his wife at least šŸ˜‰ ). We are just praying that the opportunities that we should take are the ones that workout, and that doors will be closed in the other directions. It’s just really promising, either way, and I’m so proud of him for being so diligent with every opportunity, as he tries to give us some ‘breathing room’, workwise, for when we have our little girl.

So, on with the weekend and the end of 32 weeks…Happy Friday!

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