Apparently this is the time that pregnancy ‘insomnia’ starts. It doesn’t help that work has been pretty hectic lately – but I did read that it’s “normal” to wake up with your mind racing in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, that makes the day a little rough! It’s happened twice so far this week that at about 3 AM or so, I wake up and cannot seem to go back to sleep (of course, until about 6 AM…when I happen to have to get up for work anyway!). And poor Jesse…I’m sure he can’t wait for this to be over now.

Other than the lack of sleep, everything else is good. Uncomfortable, but good. I’m glad our little girl seems really healthy and kicking up a storm still. I keep thinking that I cannot wait until she is out…but then I realize that insomnia will be the least of our issues at that point! Plus, I’d really like her to avoid the NICU, so a couple more weeks won’t hurt to have her stay in there ;).

I don’t really have any more updates than that…just wanted to post something quick to keep updated. I’ll have to do pictures at the end of the week. Hope I fit in the viewfinder – it’s getting bigger and bigger!

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