I think we’re ready…

Because mom is getting a little tired of this, and actually is a little bored of all things! I’m sure that I shouldn’t complain, and I’m definitely not – I mean, I’m really, really enjoying this time off work, and I don’t really feel like going back. However, it’s weird being SO pregnant that I can’t really do all that much. For example, a normal day off – I’d go running, biking, or swimming perhaps…or maybe play golf if Jesse was off work too…or take a really long hike with the doggies. And now? I walk as much as possible, but I’m pretty limited to that sort of low-exercise. The rest of the time? To avoid spending more money (ie. shopping is too enticing), I’ve just been reading at home, occasionally writing, and wishing that there was more to do for a very large preggo woman. I’d take up some sort of new craft, but I’m afraid as soon as I start, the baby will pop out and then I’ll be left with a half-started craft. So, for now, I’ll just wait. Which is not something I’m traditionally very good at! For some reason, just sitting at home and “relaxing” is not all that relaxing for someone who really enjoys being busy most of the time. But I’m trying. And the due date is only 11 days out. Let’s just pray I’m not 2 weeks overdue or something crazy like that! 🙂

Oh, and if anyone has any cheap ideas of things to do on my own, please let me know! 🙂 For now, I think I’ll grab a nap. I’m sure those will be at a premium shortly!

16 days and counting…

My first week off work has been amazingly great! I love not working! 🙂 In fact, I have about two more hours I need to spend up there, and I’ve been procrastinating and haven’t gone in. I think that will change today though, since I really don’t want to wait until too late and have to go in after I have her.

The only thing is now that I’m off, I actually feel further away from actually having the baby! By that, I mean, after a long day of work, I was having multiple contractions and definitely feeling things “move along”. Now, I’m so relaxed, and can move around all day (as opposed to sitting), and I barely have any contractions like I used to. However, I feel great! I’m sure that being relaxed will help in the long run…I just hope things still move along!

Almost everything is ready now. Hospital bags are packed (for the most part), nursery is ready, so now it’s just waiting. I’ve never been that patient with waiting, so we’ll see how next week unfolds. I’m really hoping to have her around the middle of next week, but that’s just my own prediction (it will probably be later).

Any other gueses? 😉

Last Day of Work! (Plus Pics)

Time to celebrate! Yesterday was my last day of (paid) work! Now I have to go into the office today to finish up, but I’m so excited that I no longer have to wake up early and stay late…and get to relax a little before the baby comes. I’m hoping she gives me one more week to prepare, then I’ll be ready for her to be born! (Not that we can choose these things).

It was a little bitter-sweet leaving yesterday…everyone was so nice and it reminded me why I do enjoy working as it is. The last few months have been interesting, with figuring out being pregnant at the same time as figuring out how to run an entire department of people. They are a great bunch, and I hope everyone sticks around while I’m gone – it’s an interesting market out there. I’m just blessed to have made so many good friends there, and I’m going to try not to even think about the “if-I’m-returning” question until two months after she is born. What a blessing Jesse’s new job has been to allow us to do that!

In other news, we did take some more pictures. Jesse and I had my friend Rowena take a few pictures of us at the park. You never know if I’ll do this whole thing again, so might as well get some good documentation. Here’s a few from the day…

A good view of the big belly!

Flowers & My little girl...

New Belly Shots

Thought I’d share some of the most recent pics. This was actually today – just enjoying some quality hiking time with my girl friends. I’m so, so blessed.

Hiking with three of my best friends. There isn’t much that I’d choose over that.

The girls

This hike to inspiration point was absolutely beautiful this morning. It was in the burn area from our last round of fires, and the new growth in contrast with the charred trees and exposed rock is stunning.

Gorgeous landscape and wildflowers

Here’s Dez & Brooke resting with me and the little one…

I get by with a little help from my friends

The belly keeps growing…

36 weeks & 1 day - Belly


that I have been SO late on posting anything at all for a few weeks.

First of all – can you believe I have 27 days left before our due date? I just looked on the calendar and that is CRAZY! And exciting. We met with our duola yesterday and feel much more prepared. We just have to create our one-sheet “birth wishes” for the hospital and we’ll be great.

Second of all – I’m super stoked on having only this week of work left before being off. I’m sure that once I’m off for two days, I’ll want to have the baby because I’ll be bored with Jesse working and just being home, but I’ll take it! Now I just need to control the shopping – it seems when I have days off, that I shop a lot more (especially for baby!)

I will give another update later. I just felt obligated after visiting the site and seeing that I last posted WAY too long ago. Thanks to family and friends for checking in – I love you all and am so happy to have such an amazing support group who loves our daughter so much already!