that I have been SO late on posting anything at all for a few weeks.

First of all – can you believe I have 27 days left before our due date? I just looked on the calendar and that is CRAZY! And exciting. We met with our duola yesterday and feel much more prepared. We just have to create our one-sheet “birth wishes” for the hospital and we’ll be great.

Second of all – I’m super stoked on having only this week of work left before being off. I’m sure that once I’m off for two days, I’ll want to have the baby because I’ll be bored with Jesse working and just being home, but I’ll take it! Now I just need to control the shopping – it seems when I have days off, that I shop a lot more (especially for baby!)

I will give another update later. I just felt obligated after visiting the site and seeing that I last posted WAY too long ago. Thanks to family and friends for checking in – I love you all and am so happy to have such an amazing support group who loves our daughter so much already!

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