Last Day of Work! (Plus Pics)

Time to celebrate! Yesterday was my last day of (paid) work! Now I have to go into the office today to finish up, but I’m so excited that I no longer have to wake up early and stay late…and get to relax a little before the baby comes. I’m hoping she gives me one more week to prepare, then I’ll be ready for her to be born! (Not that we can choose these things).

It was a little bitter-sweet leaving yesterday…everyone was so nice and it reminded me why I do enjoy working as it is. The last few months have been interesting, with figuring out being pregnant at the same time as figuring out how to run an entire department of people. They are a great bunch, and I hope everyone sticks around while I’m gone – it’s an interesting market out there. I’m just blessed to have made so many good friends there, and I’m going to try not to even think about the “if-I’m-returning” question until two months after she is born. What a blessing Jesse’s new job has been to allow us to do that!

In other news, we did take some more pictures. Jesse and I had my friend Rowena take a few pictures of us at the park. You never know if I’ll do this whole thing again, so might as well get some good documentation. Here’s a few from the day…

A good view of the big belly!

Flowers & My little girl...

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