June 2011 Highlights

I promise I’ll get better at the formatting – just not better at going back and fixing prior posts is all! Here’s the higlights of June in pictures – apricots in our front yard and plenty of visits with family. It also was our first official month walking! Mobility is actually underrated I think – no one wants them to start walking, but once they do – it’s so much easier to entertain. Well, as long as they aren’t running down the street, into traffic, or otherwise putting themselves in harms way – which is probably 50/50 or so!

Just like dad
Peering up at daddy
Blue-eyes hiding underneath the ladder
Waiting for my apricots from daddy
Reading with Nana
Cael & Selah
What to think of these cousin-people?! 😉
The Adams' Family
Ant hill sliding at the zoo
Playing on the big kid toys!
Playground close-up with mom
Just talking on my phone, watching my dad coach at East Beach
Starting beach volley early
Watching dad on the ladder picking "cots"

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