Really, it’s already July?

I can’t believe July is over actually. What a great month for the Wheeler family. A lake trip to Nacimiento with my parents (aka Gramma and Grandpa) and my best childhood friend, Andrea, and her family, a visit with Nana and Papa, a week where our nanny, Liz (who we love), was out of town so Gramma came and stayed with us, and lots more talking and walking. Some highlights and quirks of our little girl & life, and then I promise, on with the pictures!…

* Selah LOVES hats. She says the word over and over (which, to our joy, has also turned her into saying “happy” all the time…hats, happy, hats, happy, hats, happy – it’s like a record on repeat around here once we learn something new), and is always ‘stealing’ her dad’s hat and rushing to the nearest mirror to check herself out. Yep, likes to get dirty, but is all girl when it comes to vanity, that’s for certain.

* The house. For those who don’t talk to us regularly, we are remodeling the kitchen, which pretty much entails the living area as well. This started in probably April, therefore has been going on for at least 3 months. We hope to be done by 2013. Actually, I’ve set a “goal date” of October of this year, but really, Jesse is doing the work, so it’s up to him…which means that his “goal date” is all that really counts! (let me know if any of you hear from him on that…I’ll pay top dollar for inside information 😉 )

* Grandma’s stay! That and the lake trip are almost a toss-up in “highlight” status. It was SO great to have my mom here for a split week (she was here parts of two weeks, and actually babysat for a wedding that we went to on the weekend). Selah just lights up with her Grandma, and it was fun to see her show her personality that not everyone gets to see to someone besides “mommy and daddy”. I wish those weeks happened more often, and I actually teared up when she left.

* Nana and Papa visit. On our way to the lake, we stopped by Nana and Papa’s house. I’m pretty sure that it is Selah’s favorite house so far. She loved running laps around their living room/dining room/family room area, and was equally as fascinated with taking out Nana’s quilt scraps, and holding the brightly colored pieces of fabric under her chin to “try them on” like clothes. Again, so girly, right? We also stopped on our way home from the lake, and Nana took Selah “shoe shopping” for her first “real” pair of shoes. We selected seriously the cutest shoes I’ve probably ever seen in the world – pint-sized, silver, Tom’s shoes. So – another kiddo got shoes somewhere in the world too! (Tom’s has a one-for-one policy that I love). Selah’s shoes so far have been the single-most complimented item that she owns, hands down. Thanks Nana!

* Lake trip! That week will constitute it’s own post, because the pictures are stand-alone…so here’s some for the rest of the month:

Reading books with Gramma

Blue-eyed mini-Aggie fan

Future Aggie

More of Daddy's hats

Loving trying on Daddy's hats

I'm done looking into the sun, Dad! 🙂

Giving Mom Smiles at home

Happy Family of Three!

Pretty Party Dress

Momma's Girl too

Happy Daddy's Girl

One Reply to “Really, it’s already July?”

  1. Gramma absolutely loved her time with the Wheelers as well. Looking forward to my next babysitting day.

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