Lake Trip!

Carving already
I'm tired with this noise, Mama!

As promised, the lake trip in July warranted a post of it’s own! Besides being a ton of fun, the trip was also a lot of work. Many props to my parents, who really got BOTH the Wheeler and the Grant families through the whole thing! My dad is really a lake ROCKSTAR, and I’m sure he went home needing a “vacation from his vacation”. We certainly did, and he did infinitely more than us to keep everyone moving in the right direction towards fun lake days, every day!

Here’s my highlights in no particular order (yes, there are pics to follow!):

* Spending time with Andrea and her family. We’ve been friends forever, and it is SO fun to now have our families hang out. Eva and Selah are exactly (almost to the day) the same difference in age as Andrea and I, so it’s fun to think of them being friends. Watch, they’ll be total opposites…but really, that never stopped Andrea and I, and we’re about as opposite as two people can get. I know that my parents enjoy their family and extended family as well, and it was fun to be one big one. I know I’m an only child, and I married into having an amazingly awesome sister (who I wish we were near to), but Andrea really is as close to having a “real”, blood-related, sister as I can imagine.

* Seeing Selah love the water. If that is one trait I’d like her to have, it would be my love of water. Weird? Maybe. But true, nonetheless. I have such great memories growing up at the lake with my parents and their friends, so it’s just nostalgic to have my daughter there, and even more heartwarming to see her already love it.

* Seeing Selah swim with Grandpa. Maybe this fits into the aforementioned highlight, but oh well. Selah LOVED jumping off the boat (sans life vest, I might add) to my dad in the water. It was fun to see the smile on both of their faces.

* The swing! When I was maybe about Selah’s age, or at least in the vicinity, we planted an acorn in the back yard at the lake. I think for many years it might not even have been classified as a tree, but rather a glorified “stick” or “bush”, and we jokingly referenced it as the “mighty oak”. Well, true to it’s name, it now is the home to a swing. A legitimate, full-fledged, swing! That my dad built for Selah! More nostalgia for you, but it was definitely a highlight on a number of levels.

On that note, here are some pics to commemorate the experience:

Riding with Daddy

If there is a "favorite toy" of Selah's, it's FOR SURE chairs!

Grandma on mud-duty

Humoring Mom with the hat...for a second

My crazy-haired sunscreen girl

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  1. You have a beautiful heart πŸ™‚ I get ALL the nostalgia. Those moments when you go, “Wow, God, YOU are GOOD!” Good indeed πŸ™‚

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