How Our Life Has Changed

Yesterday, I had a good picture of how our life has changed, and I thought I’d share. I’m not sure if you’ve seen those “family” bikes that are about two people wide, have a basket in front, and sometimes have two benches? Well, they are all over in Santa Barbara. Very touristy. Very unwieldy looking. Here’s a picture:

Apparently called a "surrey", or so the internet tells me...

Keeping this in mind:

Conversation Before Selah
Kelly: Geesh, I would never rent one of those things. Talk about what you “don’t want to do” on a weekend.
Jesse: Never. Those are ridiculous.

Conversation After Selah
Kelly: I saw a family in one of those bike rental things today, and they had a baby Selah’s age. The baby was “wee-ing” and smiling the whole time. I’m reconsidering my “never”.
Jesse: Never.
Kelly: Just wait, when those big blue eyes look at you and she says “Peeeeeeease, Daddy” (and on cue, Selah does the sign for “please”).
Jesse: Ok. Where and how much.

Never say never. Lesson learned.

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