An apple a day…

Toys? What toys? All I need is a box, mommy!

Selah had her 15 month checkup this morning, and all is well on the home front. My little chubby girl is not so chubby anymore though! She consistently has been in around 40-50% in height and 80-90% in weight, keeping a perfectly round squeezable figure. But today? We’re in 70% or so in height and 80% in weight! We’re getting so tall and thin! 😉 Mommy of course is just happy for a healthy little girl.

It’s also Nikki’s birthday today. I’ll never forget September 1st. Always around labor day, and I was so jealous that she got a “summer” birthday party (I’m a winter baby). She was my childhood “best friend” in elementary school, through high school. She and her husband passed away in a car accident while I was pregnant with Selah. I so wish she could meet Selah and help dress her oh-so-stylishly like only she knew how. She is greatly missed by all of us, and I held onto my own little girl just that much tighter this morning and kissed her an extra-special birthday kiss for sweet Nik. Love you.

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