Beach Funday Sunday

Wow, it’s been a month? How time flies by…

Waving at the boats with Daddy

Last weekend was the best combination of events that could have existed. Friday, grandma and grandpa came down to help on the house and they stayed overnight to spend Saturday too! So much fun with Selah, and SO MUCH work on the kitchen. What a humongous blessing they were, and we’re a lot farther along. I should actually post pictures of the kitchen, but it’s in the very, very demolished stage…so I’ll wait and add some before/after. I do see a light (literally, Jesse and Grandpa did electrical!) at the end of the tunnel though, so this is good! Then Sunday, it was our family “fun” day – church in the AM, then beach in the PM. It was amazing to actually spend some time all together – it’s a rare occurence when we are going every which way during the week.

And this week? Our Hawaii grandma and grandpa are coming! We can’t wait! In the meantime, here are some beach pictures from Sunday in no particular order…

Collecting shells
Watching the water go by
Loving the butterfly chair

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