Family and Pumpkins and Monkeys at the Park!

Just hangin' around πŸ™‚
Monkey-ing around with Daddy on the bars
The "big slide" with my favorite playmate, Daddy πŸ™‚

Finally Gramma and Grampa Wheeler got to make the trek out to see their favorite granddaughter, and of course help us pick out our family pumpkins at the beautiful (and busy, as we found!) Lane Farms. What a great visit we had, and the only problem was that it was far too short. But Selah got in a lot of good “papa” (that’s her word for both grandpa’s so far) time, and he certainly got a few good laughs out of her – which is impressive, as she’s not an easy audience! (clarification: she’s tons of fun, easy, smart and so good natured, but a “laugher”, she is not).

Luckily we’ll get to visit again soon as we travel to Hawaii for Thanksgiving, so goodbyes are easier with that in mind. Here’s a few pictures to sum up the events of the week.

Oh, and the pictures to start were a trip to the “park” after the pumpkin patch – which happens to also be Selah’s future elementary school if we are blessed enough to be able to be in this area when she starts school!

Gramma showing Selah the Donkey
Wheeler Fam
Look at this sunflower, Gma!
Found the perfect pumpkin with Daddy...and it's heavy!
Selah loved the "hay fight" area...a little too much, actually πŸ™‚
Towards the the "all done" signal πŸ™‚

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