It’s not a fluke, Grandpa!

As Grampa Wheels knows, Selah is now learning to spell her name! Miraculously, when he was there I was writing and spelling her name for her when she was drawing, and asked her what the last letter was in her name. She stated without hesitation, “H”! So matter of factly it was seamless. I could only pretend for a few seconds before letting him in on the fact that it was pretty much a great coincidence that she happened to make the correct claim, and that she, in fact, does not spell yet – dashing his hopes of a child-prodigy grandchild (just kidding – she still is! ;)).

So imagine my surprise when Liz tells me the other day that Selah knows her name starts with an “S”! And then last night, I asked Selah how she spells her name, and she answered (again, very calm and matter of factly, as she does), “S”, “E”!! So, as it turns out, while Selah will not actually SAY her name yet, she DOES actually begin to spell it! So far, it’s S, E, H…but still…pretty good for a 17 month old who I cannot get to actually say her own name, much less expecting her to know letters. Unfortunately, I cannot credit myself, daddy, or Liz (nanny), but I attribute it to her fascination with the “Elmo” show (ie. Sesame Street), which during volleyball season I’ve used all too frequently use to be able to have a second to cook a meal.

Either way, spelling or not, we are so blessed to have such a sharp little girl! 🙂 And…in other news…check out this growing hair! Yay!

Pigtails! Liz (of course, not Mommy!) was able to get Selah to allow her to put her hair in "piggies"!

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