I *maybe* see the light…

The process of hanging the uppers...

And we have upper cabinets in the kitchen yet again! Thanks to Grandpa and Jesse’s hard work this past Sunday. I feel like I can maybe, just maybe, see a light to the end of all this!
We are so thankful for all of the many, many days of driving all the way here to Santa Barbara by my parents! Selah still asks every once in awhile…Grampa? Working? Grampa? House? It’s pretty cute. 🙂
We also are now actually “living” in the kitchen cabinets again, rather than off of boxes on the floor. Well, ok, there’s still a box, but it is much smaller, and doesn’t contain every food item we own. So – getting closer!
And they're filled!

One Reply to “I *maybe* see the light…”

  1. Exciting progress!! It is already looking so nice and livable..it is going to be beautiful!! Thanks for the updates!

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