Our Weekend

Giggling with joy, balancing on the curb with Daddy on the way to the park

Chillin at Padaro Beach Grill with my juice, waiting for the fam

Despite Daddy’s terrible sinus infection, and mommy’s continued sickness, Selah was a trooper, and the three Wheel’s had a pretty good weekend, all things considered. Santa Barbara sure delivered on the weather end of things, and the following were a few highlights:

* Saturday morning coffee with our friends the Cronquist’s, then walking to the park at Carp beach to play with their kiddos. Selah was looking good, thanks to Nana and Papa sending her some new “duds” from their trip to the outlets on the way to Palm Springs!

* Saturday afternoon hike with sweet Karen! What a treat for Mommy to spend time with a dear friend, and hiking, no less!

* Sunday morning visit with Grandma and Grandpa! They drove down to spend the late morning and lunch with us, so we went to Padaro Beach Grill – a favorite of ours (and Selah’s!) complete with a sandbox and beach front view.

* Sunday evening Skype with Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler. What a blessing technology turns out to be (sometimes!)…and Selah gets to “see” her grandparents far away more often.

Just walkin on the wall with my Daddy

Running! in my spiffy new outfit from Nana - thank you!

Sitting on the bench with Grandma, saying, "Cheeeese"!

Watching "Monsters" with Daddy...Goodnight!

Working From Home

Swimming? Beach? Pleeeeease?

It’s sometimes not the most productive, this working from home thing, but there are moments when I love it. Moments that I’d miss if I was otherwise in an office or a construction trailer or a jobsite. Moments like this morning.

Actual conversation heard:
Daddy: Selah, want to go to church?
Selah: NO! Beach! Beach! Swimming! Go to beach, swimming!

I can preface this. We’ve been cooped up in the house, all of us sick, for the past three days. So she must be going stir crazy. This morning, we were folding clothes and setting aside some for the trip to Nicaragua. When the bathing suits passed by, she immediately wanted to rip off her clothes and put on the suits. On her head, her arm, anything that could get in the “bathing suit, mommy, bathing suit! Swimming!”.

So, after a diaper change, even though it’s probably 55 degrees (freezing, right?!) outside, into the bathing suit she went to run around the house, preparing to go “swimming”. I think something about my instructions that we could “pretend to go swimming at the beach” was lost. Maybe just “swimming” and “beach” made it through. Unfortunately, now it is all she has on the brain. So, into my home office I go, and best of luck to Daddy who has her until he goes to school after lunch. And just as I sit down and log on…I’m greeted with the church vs. swimming conversation.

A girl after my own heart 😉

(PS – Jesse only has to go to church to pick up “Elmo” that we forgot there last week, who I’m sure Selah will be equally as happy with provided they locate him. 🙂 )

Just like her daddy…and mommy!

Chipmunk cheeks...with olives!

Selah’s favorite food: well…cookies. But second? Olives! Black olives on her fingers, eaten with Daddy. Like father, like daughter. (Well, and I’ve been known to love me some olives too, I guess 😉 )


Kitchen Progress!

BEFORE: Looking towards the kitchen from the living area!

BEFORE: Looking towards the backyard from the laundry area

Just beginning the demo...

Progress - the wall is gone! There's no turning back!

Pretty amazing how the transformation has come along, right?!

It’s sure been a process, and we are getting SO near the end…which makes me more and more excited! The counters and the floors are the latest…and they make SUCH a difference in the overall look. I’m not sure if it’s the “instant gratification” of the installation by someone else, or just the fact that they are starting to finish off the “look” of the kitchen, but either way, it’s awesome!

Please feel free to give input on the stain colors for the floor – the installer put down the samples when he finished the install yesterday, and Jesse is actually going to put down a few more today just to make sure we have the color we’d like. We wanted to go for something darker to make them look “updated” (I’m not a fan of the original wood that yellows over time). But we also want to avoid something really dark that shows every little spec of dirt – because God knows we aren’t the cleanest family (other than Selah who clearly didn’t inherit our genes on that one, thank goodness – she actually gets really irritated at any little spot and wants to “clean, daddy? Clean!”.

Anyways, here it is…Oh – and THANK YOU! Almost everyone who reads this has contributed in some way, shape, or form to this kitchen remodel (whether the support be tangible help, monetary, or moral support!). We couldn’t afford it or have done it without your hard work, support, knowledge, baby-sitting, and excitement about the final product to keep us going. I know I repeat myself, but we’re SO BLESSED!

Kitchen floors are in! (To be stained & finished when we're in Nica for a week!)

Stain Sample Colors - Vote for your favorite!


They’re in! And we LOVE them. A lot. Really, really a lot! And floors go in tomorrow AM…just wanted to post some interim pictures to share the progress…

Who needs the actual gift?

I’m experimenting by posting my first video…or, well…link to a video. It’s of Selah opening her first “present” of Christmas, a really nice play kitchen from Nana and Papa! Thank you! Except, well, it needed to be assembled. Which did not seem to be a problem at all to her, as she was just as happy with the styrofoam pieces it was packed in. Figures, right? 😉 Anyways, it’s a cute video:

And as a sidenote, the kitchen is now assembled (probably 4-5 manhours later – that thing was SERIOUS) and she LOVES it! I’m always getting to “taste” her wonderful creations…usually “cookies, taste, mama! mmmmmm” 😉 Here’s the finished product, complete with super-cute kiddo (& Daddy) to play with it (please excuse the pic quality – it’s from my phone)!

Tasting Daddy's "cooking"