Welcome to 2012

Welcome, 2012!

Happy New Year! I realize I have skipped over Christmas, and I’ll come back to that, for sure. Hopefully sooner than I did Thanksgiving, but no promises. For now I thought I’d just do a quick overview of our beautiful New Year’s Day. (Sidenote: Does New Year’s Eve exist after you are a parent? Apparently not this year for us, so we’ll skip over that. It was spent asleep after a two hard days of work on the kitchen for Grandpa and Jesse, which we are really, really thankful for! Kitchen updates to follow, but just had to give you a few little Selah pictures from our “day off”)

We went to church, then drove up to Lake Casitas to spend it with our friends, John & Marlene. They have a gorgeous, humongous motorhome and they were camping for a few days, so we just joined them for the day. I can’t remember ever having been there, but it was awesome! We plan to go back in the summer when the waterpark is open! Selah loved feeding the ducks and running all over the campground. We took about a two mile walk, and she did at least half of that…come to think of it, probably more because she ran back and forth a lot. What a beautiful day to start what we hope is another beautiful year with the ones we love.

Sliding in
With Johnny P & Daddy watchin' the ducks

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