Christmas Eve Recap

Walking to Santa in my super-cool shades!

Not very sure about this Santa thing...

No way, Santa. Get me out of here!

Riding the extremely fast carousel! Hold on, Mommy!

Again? Please?

It’s taken me awhile here, but my goodness – I was going to get in a Christmas post one of these days, and I finally am doing it! We’ll start with Christmas Eve highlights!

How nice it was to have a few days off and just spend a few days in San Luis with Grandpa and Grandma. And we, by default really, waited to “meet” Santa for the first time until there. Selah understood who Santa was in theory, but I really don’t think she “got it” (at least that he was a “real” person, not a figurine or picture, since that was all she had previously seen) until we went to the SLO Mission to Santa’s hut. We were the only people there, and she stopped in her tracks when she saw the elves come out of the house to greet her, along with Santa himself. We caught a few good pictures, but it was really priceless to see her face. What fun it is to have a child at Christmas time. It brought so much joy to us this season, it was unreal.

And continuing the joy, we drove to Nana and Papa’s to spend Christmas Eve…complete with presents, fresh and yummy cioppino, and lots of laughs. A big highlight of the evening was “walking” Selah’s new baby and stroller with Nana. Selah just has this way of trucking along, stroller falling off the side of the road and all, picking it back up (without missing a beat) and moving right along. Her demeanor is so matter-of-fact, and she’s one determined little thing, so it’s funny to see her “accomplish” things. I don’t think much will get in the way of her dreams, to say the least.

We drove back to SLO that evening, with full bellies and full hearts. So thankful for wonderful memories with family, and looking forward to “Santa’s workshop” that evening after Selah crashed out. More to follow for Christmas day, but here’s pictures, as promised.

Trying on new clothes...she's the only kid I know who actually likes to receive clothes!

Walking the new baby on Christmas Eve with Nana

Just walkin' my baby, Mamma 😉

Walking with the girls...

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