Pure Joy.

High, Mommy! So high!

Trampoline Hair

I’ve been trying to get to the “Christmas Day” post, and in the process of doing so, realized that we apparently started enjoying ourselves so much towards the latter part of the day that we forgot to take pictures! But I do have some. And I especially have some pictures of my favorite Christmas moment this year…and comes close to a “top ten” Christmas moment for my lifetime.

I’m not even sure how to preface it. I thought about a build-up, but there really isn’t anything you can lead up to saying that your favorite Christmas moment was when your Nana decides to jump on the trampoline with your 18-month-old, her great-grandaughter. But there it is. My Nana is a rockstar. Literally.

Here’s the only backstory that exists: Selah wanted to show Nana her “jumping” on the trampoline on Christmas Day, so Papa went inside the house to get Nana. When she came out, Selah yelled, very matter-of-factly, “Nana! Jumping? Jumping!”. Nana replied, “OK. I think I will.”

And she certainly did. Thank God I had a camera handy right there with me.

Oooh! Nana! Jumping!

Running Around Nana

Just Resting

So, my Nana has always been a hero of mine for a number of reasons, and this clearly exemplifies one of them. If it involves love of a grandchild (or great-grandchild now!), she is always up for anything, anytime. And apparently that transcends her bodily limits at points, because I’m certain that she shouldn’t have been allowed, or able to be, on a trampoline this Christmas with the state of her knees and back and well…everything. But really, she knows a secret that not a lot of people do, it seems. And that is that love is able.

She’s the woman that probably 25 years ago went body surfing fully clothed with me on the beach – because, well, because I wanted to! So, bodysurfing it was, clothes and all, with her grandchild. A lot has changed in the two+ decades, but deciding that, “I think I will”, is clearly not one of them.

And another hero of mine, my mom, is close behind her on that one – this actually being the SECOND time that she’s been on a trampoline with Selah! (Lucky girl, Selah. Or lucky grandma? Both!) We captured that one too, thankfully. And I’ve safely captured the lessons, memories, and mental images in my heart and mind, and don’t take the blessing for granted, that is for certain.

Laughs with Grandma

A trampoline kiss!

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