Merry Christmas from the three Wheels
The rest of Christmas Day! After the trampoline and presents, how much better can it get?!

Playing with cousins, of course! (And our Hawaii ones were VERY, very missed, that’s for sure!) My cousin, Tera, had a baby boy, Cael, the day before Selah was born, so it’s been so much fun to watch the two of them grow into the toddlers they are. It’s also fun to witness the complete night and day difference between little boys and little girls, and they sure have had their personalities from the very beginning.

It’s also funny that they started out looking pretty different as babies, and now could be a little brother-sister twin combo with the blond hair and blue eyes. And, of course, their undeniable cuteness is also in common. I think there must have been about five cameras taking pictures of their piano duet debut at Uncle Steve and Aunt Rose’s house, and my pictures are less impressive than the video is (which I will attempt to post later, as with the Nana trampoline video, as well).


I’ve also thrown in a few from Christmas morning at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, which was ultra fun as well. Again, having a kid on Christmas just changes the whole season. Not, of course, that Christmas gains or loses any meaning, but it’s just SO MUCH FUN to see their faces light up and just witness life through the eyes of a child. Thank goodness Jesse and I had my parents again, since assembling the toys that night was a Santa’s workshop project in itself for all four of us. But on Christmas morning, a bit overwhelmed at first, Selah finally got the hang of it all and latched on to her “Abby” stocking stuffer and made it through more presents than any one kid should have. How blessed we are.
New Bikey

Riding my new trike!

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