Our Weekend

Giggling with joy, balancing on the curb with Daddy on the way to the park

Chillin at Padaro Beach Grill with my juice, waiting for the fam

Despite Daddy’s terrible sinus infection, and mommy’s continued sickness, Selah was a trooper, and the three Wheel’s had a pretty good weekend, all things considered. Santa Barbara sure delivered on the weather end of things, and the following were a few highlights:

* Saturday morning coffee with our friends the Cronquist’s, then walking to the park at Carp beach to play with their kiddos. Selah was looking good, thanks to Nana and Papa sending her some new “duds” from their trip to the outlets on the way to Palm Springs!

* Saturday afternoon hike with sweet Karen! What a treat for Mommy to spend time with a dear friend, and hiking, no less!

* Sunday morning visit with Grandma and Grandpa! They drove down to spend the late morning and lunch with us, so we went to Padaro Beach Grill – a favorite of ours (and Selah’s!) complete with a sandbox and beach front view.

* Sunday evening Skype with Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler. What a blessing technology turns out to be (sometimes!)…and Selah gets to “see” her grandparents far away more often.

Just walkin on the wall with my Daddy

Running! in my spiffy new outfit from Nana - thank you!

Sitting on the bench with Grandma, saying, "Cheeeese"!

Watching "Monsters" with Daddy...Goodnight!

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