My Favorite Things

Pancakes for dinner rank right up there with warm chocolate chip cookies and sunshine after a rain, as far as my favorite (random) things go.

It’s probably because it’s nostalgic. One of those little things; those little memories of “mommy-daughter” time. When Dad was out of town, it was applesauce pancakes for dinner. The big “treat”. I looked forward to it when I was 4, 14, 24, and yep, probably this 34th year, it will be one of those things that just hasn’t changed – I still smile just thinking of it.

Thursdays Jesse has class in the evening. So when I get home from work, Selah and I have a mommy-daughter “date” scheduled for us. This Thursday, I asked her what she wanted for dinner, and she didn’t have any better ideas than I did. And so it crossed my mind to carry on our little tradition. As it turns out, she’s a natural! She ate about a half-batch of those things, and loved every bite.

It was one of those special moments that saying “we had pancakes for dinner” doesn’t quite capture the beauty. So I fold it up in the files of my memory, tabbing it for safe keeping and easy reference on a day that just needs a sprinkle of sweet joy and pinch of love.

Pancakes with Sugar (not syrup!) and strawberries...mmmm...

2 Replies to “My Favorite Things”

  1. Oh my goodNESS! Of course pancakes for breakfast are so special to me too 🙂 Thank you Kelly Rae Wheeler for sharing this special moment which blessed me beyond belief and made my whole heart smile 🙂 Talk bout answers bedtime story…:) xoxo

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