And we interrupt our regularly scheduled program for…

a kitchen update! Just couldn’t wait to post a pic of our new floors and our new cabinet doors! We came home from Nicaragua to new (smelly!) floors, which was such an awesome blessing…and just before we left, we received our new cabinet doors. They are soon to be installed by Grandpa & Jesse – can’t wait to see.

Proud Daddy with his new doors!
Unwrapping our "presents"!
Selah enjoying her chair on our new floors 🙂

And the best birthday present a girl could imagine came from my parents! A tile backsplash! Another amazing blessing – as if the hard work my Dad has put it isn’t present enough ;). We can’t wait to pick it out (although, we’re waiting until we get the doors installed to get a feel for the whole package!). Thanks, Mom & Dad!

One Reply to “And we interrupt our regularly scheduled program for…”

  1. Awesome!!!! I was thinking about you and your new floors yesterday!!! Thanks for the picture. LOL…look at Selah. She is so CUTE! xoxo

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