Belated Nica Recap – Days 1 & 2

The Wheels on the Beach šŸ˜‰

I’ve owed Nica pics for oh-so-long, but I had too many to choose from! So, I’m going to post day-by-day to cover it all…hope you enjoy the pics, and bear with me on schedule! šŸ˜‰ I’m again “commuting” to San Luis Obispo from Santa Barbara, which is quite a bit of driving. And if I’m not driving, I’m either catching up with my little girl or enjoying being “taken care of” by Mom & Dad (aka. Grandma & Grandpa).

So, back to Nica. Day 1 includes all pics taken in the pink monkey shirt & diaper, since that was all we had! Selah was blessed enough to have her first pinata experience with Los Pipitos, the special needs school where Auntie Brookie works and where we’ve visited every time we go down. It’s a special slice of heaven to be around those kids, so Selah was in good company. Then in the afternoon, we headed to the beach for a swim and a sunset turtle release! That was a pretty cool experience, and she LOVED it (except for a minor mishap with stepping on one for a moment, with little flippers flipping, and a brief screaming episode as she was traumatized by *almost* injuring “Dude” – her universal name for turtles subsequent to a brief “Finding Nemo” addiction).

Day 2 included another beach day at Playa Hermosa – the beach where Survivor Nicaragua was filmed – for the surf contest before the Pitaya Festival. Our favorites that day were running on the beach with mommy and swimming with Daddy – she really liked being in the waves, and we especially liked the warm water. Wonder if she’s old enough to remember all these things? Probably not, but a mom can dream, right? šŸ™‚

Here was my take on the days in photos:

Not ready to touch it yet...

Look! Baby turtles!

First Pinata with Auntie Brookie!

Loving the warm water

Walking with my daddy

Hold me, Daddy!

Stylin in my glasses

Running with Mommy on the beach

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  1. Just darling and precious!!!! LOL – Dora and Dude…your daughter is so so so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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