Over Again?

I’m wavering on continuing on the April Photo A Day Challenge. It’s found here: http://www.fatmumslim.com.au/2012/03/april-photo-day-challenge-list.html?m=1
Essentially, having that list & the ‘canned’ topics motivates me to write on here. I love crossing off to-do’s and finishing things, so committing to the challenge gives me motivation. It also inspires topics, since to be honest, my day-to-day isn’t all that inspiring (obviously, save the little moments with our munchkin), so without it, I might only write every so often. Maybe someday Selah will get a kick out of these too, since I attempt to center most of them around her, or at least our family, since most of the point of this blog was to give updates to family & friends.

But on the flip side, having the topics might hinder me from straying too far from the script provided. Maybe if I didn’t do the official challenge, it would challenge me to come up with my own topics and more meaningful updates?

Who knows. If you have a feeling one way or another, please share. I’m open. 😉


March 31st – “Place You Go To Relax”

I suppose I could have posted a picture hiking or at the gym, since technically, that’s where I go to relax – exercising is my stress relief. Must be why I’m stressed! (Not much exercising around here lately! 😉 )

But, this is much cuter to photograph:


And I can’t say it’s not relaxing to see my silly girl be oh-so-silly that it makes her giggle. It gives the gym a run for its money, that’s for sure! The pics above were taken this morning – after she insisted I put on her “piglet” shirt, “princess skirt”, black fleece pants (I insisted – it was freezing!), and “pink dress-up necklace”.
Here was the similar outfit (sans pants & necklace, add ‘princess cup’ & soccer ball), pictures taken last week:



Yep, I guess you could say that as a working mom who doesn’t get all that much time with her baby, my “place I go to relax” is wherever my baby girl happens to be playing & smiling (and the tantrum times, well, let’s just classify those as ‘not so relaxing’ & more closely classified under ‘places I try to avoid’).

March 30th – “toy”

Aren’t recycled & repurposed toys the best?!? Our “new” recycles pictured here are from sweet Avery & Auntie Shan, and of course we’re “repurposing” the laundry basket as our “house”. You wouldn’t believe me if I said it, but just a few minutes ago Mommy was in the “house” too. Turns out its a little lacking in square footage for the both of us and our toys! 😉




March 29th – “feet”

Today we took a family evening out and went downtown to grab dinner and a frozen yogurt. Since Selah is recently obsessed with ‘marching’ (it’s more a combination of stomping & dancing, but close enough), and ‘marching’ involves the topic of the day, ‘feet’, here’s some pictures of tonight’s marching (along with necessary diversions at the fountains, of course):




And since I was on the hunt for feet pictures, I ran across these gems from quite awhile ago. Looks like someone enjoyed Daddy’s shoes on her feet (& mommy must have been more interested in my smiling bundle than in keeping my finger out of lens range!). I can’t believe how much she’s grown!




A Family Day

The Whole Gang

Three posts in one night – crazy, right? I just have been meaning and meaning to do this one, and since Jesse is still out at volleyball practice (geesh, 9:41 PM, it’s late! Just noticed! I guess I was so excited to have some time with my baby back in my arms, it flew by!), I thought I’d take advantage and do it.

At the beginning of the month, we made the short trek to Ventura to celebrate Grammy’s (Jesse’s grandmother’s) 90th birthday with his family. Lots of fun and festivities, including playing with cousins (miss you, Yarin & Zeke!) Here’s some favorites of the day:

My Party Dress is ON!

Beautiful Cousin Hannah

Hello, Cousin!

"Helping" Hannah get up in the huge dino-suit

All smiles playing with Daddy

The Great-Grandparents

Aunt Barbara's side

What a fun day with family, and thanks to Aunt Barbara for hosting a great shindig! Just wishing that the others (in HI) could have joined us that day as well! 🙂

Also, if you’d like to see any of those larger, remember to click on them, and it will enlarge. I just upload the medium sized versions since they are off the page if I upload larger.

Photo a day – “trash”

This topic should bring us all a little memory of childhood…and the popular saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

Here, I bring you some simple cardboard boxes that brought us diapers…

Or is it so simple? Just boxes? Or is there a little girl under there?

Perhaps a car?

Or a fort? For a turtle too?


Love that girl. And not a box becomes ‘trash’ before she gets a quick play in it! 😉

Photo Catch-up – “Your name”

Without my loyal photo subject, I was lacking for material yesterday. Plus, the “your name” topic was not all that inspiring.
But – I did notice my name on some of our drop cloths for painting…

There was a lot of hard work that went into that name right there…

Not necessarily in that plan set, but just in the licensing, working, leaving the company, and going out on my own. And I’m proud of it. And the extra old plan sets really fill in those holes between paint protection sheets. In hindsight, moving furniture would have been more simple. But regardless, we got the job done. A full day of work on the house was such a luxury for us, and we’re so thankful for the time…and really thankful to have our beautiful baby home tonight! 😉

Photo A Day Fail

So, the last two days were “breakfast” and “key”…both of which I failed to capture on film or come up with any sort of remotely close interpretation of the words. So, we’ll just skip it!

But in keeping with the commitment to regular posts, I thought I’d include some of our last couple of days.

First, Selah with some requested special “pony tails”…




Rarely does she let me do her hair, but occasionally I talk her into it if she is feeling generous.

We also headed up to my parents house for the weekend (and on to the lake house for the men to install a heater and fan). In the car seat, Selah requested all of her stuffed animals from her bed. This was how it looked from the front seat looking back:


Yes, she could breathe – I know because she was still chatting to herself. I blame Auntie Andrea who gave us more balloons than we could fit in the car on Selah’s first birthday, which has made her comfortable under claustrophobic conditions.

We also got to see Aunt Rose, Uncle Steve, Great-Grandma, and cousins Alyssa and Kaylee for a family orchestra concert. Unfortunately, we had to skip the nap to make it, and leave right after it started to go to the lake (the combination of which prompted Selah to scream to the audience, no, mommy, MOVIE! on our way out), but she definitely enjoyed the festivities before, and we were really happy to see family. Here’s a picture pre-scream in our amazing seats (thanks, Rose!):



And last but certainly not least, after the lake on our way home today in the car:


One sacked out little munchkin on our way to see Nana and Papa. I wish I had remembered the camera to catch her flaunt her cute new apron, but we’ll catch it later.

We all had a full extended weekend (its Daddy’s spring break, so we’re taking advantage) of travel, family, and fun…and topped it off with an overnight stay for Selah with Grandma & Grandpa at their house while we (Mommy & Daddy) drove home. We are going to work on the house tomorrow (woo hoo! Spring break! Party time! I guess this is how we do that as adults?!!), and will pick up our littlest angel on Wednesday.

And don’t you know it, just when you think – I can’t wait for a moment alone at home – then it happens, and I’m sitting on the couch blogging, wishing she was here in her room so I could steal a quick snuggle & smooch before bed. But it will be great to get some uninterrupted work done tomorrow, and she’s of course in the best of hands with Grandma & Grandpa, and we are so appreciative!

So, I’ll leave you tonight with a representative “spring break party” photo. Oh my how things have changed (from the original college spring breaks to when this was taken almost a year ago to now):

(Selah poolside in a sombrero, Palm Springs bachelorette party, 2011)

March 23rd (& 24th ) photo – “moon” & “animal”

Well, the moon has been hiding from us yesterday and today, so we’re skipping that.

Instead, here’s two doggies who are ‘over the moon’ to get attention from one little girl named Selah (in her trusty Panda shirt – which I may need to go find another one since literally it is requested every day!):



And since I’m a day late, and today’s topic is “an animal”… I think I just killed two birds with one stone. But to make up for shorting you a day of pictures, here’s one of Selah this morning learning “dice”. It started out as “helping” (we use the term loosely it seems around here) mommy pick up from our poker night…and ended making up counting games.

It reminded me of my grandpa (Selah’s great-grandpa Adams) actually for some reason – I suppose because he was the “game” loving one of the family. Don’t worry, Grandpa, I’ll teach her cards soon – she already gives away my hand by shouting out what number I’m holding, so we’re off to a running start ;). I’ll wait a bit on the suits just to protect my game ;).

Here’s your great-grand baby… and how I wish you were here to meet her:



March 22nd – “Kitchen Sink”

One would think I could come up with something clever for this one, right? Something about everything but the ‘kitchen sink’, or similarly witty interpretation.
Instead, I present to you: our kitchen sink!

Alongside the new sink resides the following random items: lemon from our tree that I used to make homemade cough syrup in the middle of the night for Selah, a steaming cup of tea, and a bowl lined in aluminum foil & baking soda that I was using to de-tarnish a necklace this morning.
Inside said kitchen sink:

Remnants of a “green smoothie” from breakfast, sponge, sippy cup, and spoon from the attempted cough suppressant. Pretty good conversation material, this kitchen sink stuff! 😉

On a sidenote, I am in love with green smoothies. This morning’s concoction included organic apple juice, plain yogurt, frozen spinach, mango, & strawberry. It’s my sure fire way to slip some veggies down while Selah’s not suspecting them! And I think I passed it by Jesse on this one too 😉

In other kitchen topics, we’ve chosen our tile! The pictures don’t do it justice, so I’ll wait to post them (such a tease I am, sorry!). We loved the slate, but decided against the impossible maintenance & certain difficulty of keeping it clear of stains. Instead, we chose a cream colored polished glass 1×4 tile with really linear lines that match the rest of the kitchen design. I already have in mind how to overhaul the fireplace to tie in the kitchen elements. So much fun. When I grow up I’d like to go back to school to be a designer – it’s such fun! Until then, I’ll just stick to working to be able to do our own :).
Happy Thursday, friends!