Day 3 – Earthship Pitaya Festival

I have to be honest…festival day for Selah was not as wonderfully memorable as Jesse and I would have liked it to have been for her. She was at her sickest point, so between the sleep deprivation, the coughing, and the “different” foods for her, she wasn’t as on top of her game as usual. In fact, most of the actual festival, Selah spent asking in a very polite little wimper…”Mommy…home-y” or “Daddy, home please?” and covering her ears from the loud music. Poor girl.

But, there were highlights, and that’s what pictures are for, right? To remember the best of things and forget that there was a ‘worst’! 😉 So, ‘best of’ included: another pinata, pitaya ice cream (what doesn’t ice cream cure?! We sure haven’t found it! Well, except for stains…bright pink pitaya ice cream happens to be exceptionally ‘persistent’), and “bartending” with Auntie Dez (cutest beer girl I’ve ever seen!).

Yummy pink ice cream with Mommy
Want some Auntie Mandy?
Yummy Pitaya Ice Cream...not so good on the clothes
My second pinata of the week!
Bartending with Auntie Dez...just training to put herself through college early...
Climb, Mommy? Climb?


Two posts in a row, crazy right? I’m keeping high hopes of this continuing, but you never know. Part of my inspiration is the “photo a day” March challenge, found here. Basically, there is one word every day, and I have to post a photo corresponding to that word – however I interpret it.

Today’s word is: UP. I don’t know if this is “cheating” since it’s not actually looking up or really all that related to “up” in general, but it’s my blog, and I shall cheat if I want to…so, this is Selah looking “up” with Grandma with “pokies” (what she calls Grandma’s curlers) in her hair…and it sure does brighten “up” my day. So there – no cheating. Phew. 😉

UP - March 1st Photo Challenge Pic

Happy 1st day of March!