Two posts in a row, crazy right? I’m keeping high hopes of this continuing, but you never know. Part of my inspiration is the “photo a day” March challenge, found here. Basically, there is one word every day, and I have to post a photo corresponding to that word – however I interpret it.

Today’s word is: UP. I don’t know if this is “cheating” since it’s not actually looking up or really all that related to “up” in general, but it’s my blog, and I shall cheat if I want to…so, this is Selah looking “up” with Grandma with “pokies” (what she calls Grandma’s curlers) in her hair…and it sure does brighten “up” my day. So there – no cheating. Phew. 😉

UP - March 1st Photo Challenge Pic

Happy 1st day of March!

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