Photo of the day challenge – March 3

Today’s topic was ‘neighborhood’. I love our neighborhood. It’s a good thing I trusted Jesse to buy here – he insisted we’d love it, despite my hesitation that it was just too far from downtown for people to want to visit. We are so blessed by it – great neighbors, amazing school district, and we can have Westmont kids up to dinner since its close enough for them to walk from campus. It’s been our goal to have one night each week where we have someone into our home – a student, a friend, whoever comes to mind…we were doing better before the big commute to SLO, but we’ll get right back on track and resume loving on our neighborhood! šŸ™‚

Right now our neighborhood smells amazing. I think it might be jasmine, but whatever it is, it’s blooming and smelling amazing. So, here’s my photo of the day from our front yard…


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