March 7th Photo a Day

Today is “something you wore”. Not very exciting since I took it to me something I wore today…which is a workday…which means I was in the field…and since most of you know me, you know that I’m in the construction industry. And let’s just say that industry sticks to fairly standard dress code practices. So, today it was freezing and I wore my yellow safety construction jacket. Yep, the one Jesse borrowed during night pile driving and proceeded to cover in grease stains (oops).

Not very exciting, but a look into my life, nonetheless. The view into my San Luis cubicle, complete with aforementioned jacket in all it’s glory ;):


The last remaining few…

More turtles with Daddy

I missed my “photo of the day” opportunity yesterday. The topic was 5 PM, and I was visiting with Nana, Papa, G-ma, G-pa, and Selah at my mom’s (G-ma’s) house, and the thought to take a picture slipped my mind. So, in lieu, I am finishing up with the last day of Nicaragua pictures.

Valentine’s day was our last day in the country – not a shabby way to spend a day celebrating love – at the beach with my loves…daddy releasing turtles with Selah, swinging in the hammock with his girl at sunset, and then of course a healthy dinner of Pringles*.

Hope you enjoy these little sparkly gems.

Pure Joy.
My loves
Upside down, mommy!
Can it get any sweeter?
So what if I have chips for dinner? I'm in Nica!
What, Dad?

*Yes, I know they have MSG. And it will never happen again. Except maybe in Nicaragua…where a little MSG is better than drinking the water or about half of the food we can get ahold of. If not exceptionally healthy, extremely processed food does have an upside – almost zero chance of food poisoning the day before getting on a plane and travelling for 14 hours! 😉