The last remaining few…

More turtles with Daddy

I missed my “photo of the day” opportunity yesterday. The topic was 5 PM, and I was visiting with Nana, Papa, G-ma, G-pa, and Selah at my mom’s (G-ma’s) house, and the thought to take a picture slipped my mind. So, in lieu, I am finishing up with the last day of Nicaragua pictures.

Valentine’s day was our last day in the country – not a shabby way to spend a day celebrating love – at the beach with my loves…daddy releasing turtles with Selah, swinging in the hammock with his girl at sunset, and then of course a healthy dinner of Pringles*.

Hope you enjoy these little sparkly gems.

Pure Joy.
My loves
Upside down, mommy!
Can it get any sweeter?
So what if I have chips for dinner? I'm in Nica!
What, Dad?

*Yes, I know they have MSG. And it will never happen again. Except maybe in Nicaragua…where a little MSG is better than drinking the water or about half of the food we can get ahold of. If not exceptionally healthy, extremely processed food does have an upside – almost zero chance of food poisoning the day before getting on a plane and travelling for 14 hours! 😉

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