March 8th Photo – “Window”

Today’s topic: “Window”. Who knew this one could be so fruitful for me…but today there were a lot of “window” picture opportunities, so I decided to post them all! How much you are learning about my life through this challenge, right? I apologize that it is not more exciting, but hey, it’s just everyday life & fun for me to share 🙂

The first window is the one I looked out of while I waited for a chai latte this morning. Latte, you say? When in the world is there time for that? Well…it started with the dry wall workers taking over my “office” (ie. whole house)…and plastic sheets over the refrigerator, wherein my breakfast lied. So, I improvised! And went out to pretend I was one of those people who goes to a bakery on a weekday morning. Because today? I was.

Window while I wait

The second window is an even better window – the window to the case of goodies that I was able to choose breakfast from! Yummy McYummerson. I chose a spinach and feta crossiant. It did not dissapoint.


The third window of the day was my norm. My handy dandy windshield of the vehicle which drives me around site to site each day. The view is mostly en route to San Luis, but today there was a change up and I was working in Santa Ynez. A G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S day, I might add – and so nice to be a little tiny bit closer to home!

a Santa Ynez Valley afternoon

The fourth window is the most exciting for me. And it’s a stretch for the “window” topic, but hey, who cares at this point – I’m on number 4, and honestly, you all care most about this one too. It’s a pic of the kitchen window. Which you will barely notice because it is flanked with our beautiful new cabinets! Installation courtesy of Jesse and my Dad (how blessed are we to have him?!? He is amazing and has been driving to Santa Barbara every Wednesday to help us. It’s awesome and we can never thank him enough. Well, him OR my mom, who is equally as amazing by taking Selah each of those days, plus Tuesdays too sometimes. We certainly would not have this window OR the kitchen surrounding it without either of them.) And – the best part – it’s almost done! And so beautiful! our new kitchen!!

Thanks for making it to the end of the little glimpse through my window today 😉