This is from a few weeks ago, but I was just downloading photos again, and it made me smile. My mom made these fabric letters and a little carrier bag for Selah – and she’s doing really good with her letters! She definitely knows A, B, C, S, E, L, H, and X…and a lot of the others fairly consistently. The funniest though is that now she likes to line up the letters on the couch and “spell”. She puts them in a row, just like in her books, and tells me what they “say”. It’s super cute. I’ll have to add a video of it. For now, here’s the picture:

Me: What's that say, Selah? Selah: "Grampa".

March 11th Photo – “Someone you talked to Today”

What a beautifully easy topic for a Sunday! These happen to be the two people I talked to today so far.

Selah is watching “Up”, and clearly more interested in the TV behind me than posing (hence, her leaning around)…and Daddy is hanging things on our office walls after a productive day of organizing yesterday afternoon. We’re once again skipping church because the baby has a cough and runny nose, so I suppose a slow family morning ignoring daylight savings time will do as our substitute 🙂

Here’s two of my favorite “someone(s) who I’ve talked to” today 😉 Enjoy your Sunday and your ‘someone’s 😉