March 14th Photo – “Clouds”

A treat!

Not a cloud in the sky today. Or the day in this picture. OK, yes, cheating again, I know – I mean, that’s not really a cloud! BUT…for good reason. I pulled out the “nice camera” the other weekend, and I’ve been wanting to upload the pictures. Today was just a good excuse. Our doggies are neglected, so I shot a few of them. And I found I’m not the best animal photographer. Case in point (this is the best I got of Lucy):

Lucy got a treat too!

The best ones, not surprisingly, were of Selah. She insisted on her “panda shirt”. I get that a lot these days – the insistence upon a particular item of clothing. Most often, it is the panda shirt, or the monkey pajamas. I’m considering elimination of all character clothing entirely, but who am I to squelch the fashion creativity of a child…even if she would certainly be better dressed because of it.

I just loved the blues. Of her eyes, her shirt, and the chalk, contrasted with her little hot pink shoes. She writes her name beautifully now, don’t you think? 😉 (just kidding, of course, that was not her artwork…although, hers is beautiful in its own right). Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

Also, a tip: if you click on the picture, it will actually give you the full-size. You can see her expressions then, which are half of the joy of the pictures 😉 Oh, and sorry for the lack of “clouds” in them – she’s all sunshine here! 😉

My panda shirt
Loving on Mok-y
That's my name!
yes, mother?
Mok-y's ears, Mama. They soft. 😉

2 Replies to “March 14th Photo – “Clouds””

  1. Alright, that’s it! I need to come see you guys ❤ ❤ ❤

    Kel, I sure have been enjoying every single one of your posts this month! Thanks for sharing the sought joy you've found 🙂 It blesses me so…:) xoxo

  2. Yes, Karen! Come see us! We’re here, I’m just driving and driving these days, so I have neglected my friends! Maybe you could come over Sunday afternoon sometime and see us? We might have our cousin Hannah (16 months or so) here too – two babies for the price of one! I wanted to go hiking, but the forecast tells me rain…

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