March 19th – “Funny”

What a great topic. Who doesn’t need a “funny” on a Monday?! Since it reminded me of Selah’s cute little laugh, I decided for “funny” that I must post a video instead of a picture. Then I got carried away finding one, and so I uploaded a few videos onto YouTube for your viewing pleasure 😉 OK, and mine!

This one was Selah being funny by jumping on her Daddy, who is an exceptionally good sport when it comes to bouncing on his stomach:

This one is Selah on Princess Day at the zoo, feeding the sheep and goats. She could have stayed there for hours! I love her laugh a few seconds into this clip:

And this gem is of Selah and Mok comparing ears. It’s pretty cute too.

I also got crazy and uploaded a few more pictures from Princess Day at the zoo.

Leaving for Princess Day with Daddy...& Doggie

Avery showing Selah the ropes for taking a picture with a mermaid.

Sliding down the ant hill with Avery.

Petting zoo viewing!

I promise family pictures from Jesse’s Granny’s 90th B-day are next. Then we’re all caught up. I sadly didn’t get many pictures of Selah & Hannah (her cousin) playing this weekend, but there are a few of us leaving for church together, so I’ll make sure and add those in as well. Heaven forbid I run out of pictures and actually have to start writing on here again! 😉

March 18th Photo – A Corner of Your Home

I missed yesterday because it was so full. So…here’s my “corner” pictures a day late. This is Selah’s little corner. It’s between her crib and her bookshelf, and she likes to just sit there and sift through her “treasures”…mostly her books, and “read”. It’s fun to listen to her “read” to herself and what she comes up with. She certainly is a sponge and takes in all we read to her, evidenced by her often repeating verbatim what the page actually says, despite the fact that she isn’t actually “reading”. But she equally is a character when it comes to personality, shown in those times when she “makes up” what is on the pages. I’m sure that my imagination never was as creative as hers is…hmmm…right, Mom? 😉

And some more reading with Daddy on the kitchen floor…

Wow, reading is fun!

Oh, and the beautiful sweater is courtesy of Grandma. And there’s a cute little backpack bag to match, that I still can’t get Selah to even consider wearing…but we’re working on it. My willpower must outlast hers. My willpower must outlast hers. My willpower must outlast hers…My… 🙂