March 19th – “Funny”

What a great topic. Who doesn’t need a “funny” on a Monday?! Since it reminded me of Selah’s cute little laugh, I decided for “funny” that I must post a video instead of a picture. Then I got carried away finding one, and so I uploaded a few videos onto YouTube for your viewing pleasure πŸ˜‰ OK, and mine!

This one was Selah being funny by jumping on her Daddy, who is an exceptionally good sport when it comes to bouncing on his stomach:

This one is Selah on Princess Day at the zoo, feeding the sheep and goats. She could have stayed there for hours! I love her laugh a few seconds into this clip:

And this gem is of Selah and Mok comparing ears. It’s pretty cute too.

I also got crazy and uploaded a few more pictures from Princess Day at the zoo.

Leaving for Princess Day with Daddy...& Doggie

Avery showing Selah the ropes for taking a picture with a mermaid.

Sliding down the ant hill with Avery.

Petting zoo viewing!

I promise family pictures from Jesse’s Granny’s 90th B-day are next. Then we’re all caught up. I sadly didn’t get many pictures of Selah & Hannah (her cousin) playing this weekend, but there are a few of us leaving for church together, so I’ll make sure and add those in as well. Heaven forbid I run out of pictures and actually have to start writing on here again! πŸ˜‰

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