March 22nd – “Kitchen Sink”

One would think I could come up with something clever for this one, right? Something about everything but the ‘kitchen sink’, or similarly witty interpretation.
Instead, I present to you: our kitchen sink!

Alongside the new sink resides the following random items: lemon from our tree that I used to make homemade cough syrup in the middle of the night for Selah, a steaming cup of tea, and a bowl lined in aluminum foil & baking soda that I was using to de-tarnish a necklace this morning.
Inside said kitchen sink:

Remnants of a “green smoothie” from breakfast, sponge, sippy cup, and spoon from the attempted cough suppressant. Pretty good conversation material, this kitchen sink stuff! 😉

On a sidenote, I am in love with green smoothies. This morning’s concoction included organic apple juice, plain yogurt, frozen spinach, mango, & strawberry. It’s my sure fire way to slip some veggies down while Selah’s not suspecting them! And I think I passed it by Jesse on this one too 😉

In other kitchen topics, we’ve chosen our tile! The pictures don’t do it justice, so I’ll wait to post them (such a tease I am, sorry!). We loved the slate, but decided against the impossible maintenance & certain difficulty of keeping it clear of stains. Instead, we chose a cream colored polished glass 1×4 tile with really linear lines that match the rest of the kitchen design. I already have in mind how to overhaul the fireplace to tie in the kitchen elements. So much fun. When I grow up I’d like to go back to school to be a designer – it’s such fun! Until then, I’ll just stick to working to be able to do our own :).
Happy Thursday, friends!