March 23rd (& 24th ) photo – “moon” & “animal”

Well, the moon has been hiding from us yesterday and today, so we’re skipping that.

Instead, here’s two doggies who are ‘over the moon’ to get attention from one little girl named Selah (in her trusty Panda shirt – which I may need to go find another one since literally it is requested every day!):



And since I’m a day late, and today’s topic is “an animal”… I think I just killed two birds with one stone. But to make up for shorting you a day of pictures, here’s one of Selah this morning learning “dice”. It started out as “helping” (we use the term loosely it seems around here) mommy pick up from our poker night…and ended making up counting games.

It reminded me of my grandpa (Selah’s great-grandpa Adams) actually for some reason – I suppose because he was the “game” loving one of the family. Don’t worry, Grandpa, I’ll teach her cards soon – she already gives away my hand by shouting out what number I’m holding, so we’re off to a running start ;). I’ll wait a bit on the suits just to protect my game ;).

Here’s your great-grand baby… and how I wish you were here to meet her:



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