Photo A Day Fail

So, the last two days were “breakfast” and “key”…both of which I failed to capture on film or come up with any sort of remotely close interpretation of the words. So, we’ll just skip it!

But in keeping with the commitment to regular posts, I thought I’d include some of our last couple of days.

First, Selah with some requested special “pony tails”…




Rarely does she let me do her hair, but occasionally I talk her into it if she is feeling generous.

We also headed up to my parents house for the weekend (and on to the lake house for the men to install a heater and fan). In the car seat, Selah requested all of her stuffed animals from her bed. This was how it looked from the front seat looking back:


Yes, she could breathe – I know because she was still chatting to herself. I blame Auntie Andrea who gave us more balloons than we could fit in the car on Selah’s first birthday, which has made her comfortable under claustrophobic conditions.

We also got to see Aunt Rose, Uncle Steve, Great-Grandma, and cousins Alyssa and Kaylee for a family orchestra concert. Unfortunately, we had to skip the nap to make it, and leave right after it started to go to the lake (the combination of which prompted Selah to scream to the audience, no, mommy, MOVIE! on our way out), but she definitely enjoyed the festivities before, and we were really happy to see family. Here’s a picture pre-scream in our amazing seats (thanks, Rose!):



And last but certainly not least, after the lake on our way home today in the car:


One sacked out little munchkin on our way to see Nana and Papa. I wish I had remembered the camera to catch her flaunt her cute new apron, but we’ll catch it later.

We all had a full extended weekend (its Daddy’s spring break, so we’re taking advantage) of travel, family, and fun…and topped it off with an overnight stay for Selah with Grandma & Grandpa at their house while we (Mommy & Daddy) drove home. We are going to work on the house tomorrow (woo hoo! Spring break! Party time! I guess this is how we do that as adults?!!), and will pick up our littlest angel on Wednesday.

And don’t you know it, just when you think – I can’t wait for a moment alone at home – then it happens, and I’m sitting on the couch blogging, wishing she was here in her room so I could steal a quick snuggle & smooch before bed. But it will be great to get some uninterrupted work done tomorrow, and she’s of course in the best of hands with Grandma & Grandpa, and we are so appreciative!

So, I’ll leave you tonight with a representative “spring break party” photo. Oh my how things have changed (from the original college spring breaks to when this was taken almost a year ago to now):

(Selah poolside in a sombrero, Palm Springs bachelorette party, 2011)