A Family Day

The Whole Gang

Three posts in one night – crazy, right? I just have been meaning and meaning to do this one, and since Jesse is still out at volleyball practice (geesh, 9:41 PM, it’s late! Just noticed! I guess I was so excited to have some time with my baby back in my arms, it flew by!), I thought I’d take advantage and do it.

At the beginning of the month, we made the short trek to Ventura to celebrate Grammy’s (Jesse’s grandmother’s) 90th birthday with his family. Lots of fun and festivities, including playing with cousins (miss you, Yarin & Zeke!) Here’s some favorites of the day:

My Party Dress is ON!

Beautiful Cousin Hannah

Hello, Cousin!

"Helping" Hannah get up in the huge dino-suit

All smiles playing with Daddy

The Great-Grandparents

Aunt Barbara's side

What a fun day with family, and thanks to Aunt Barbara for hosting a great shindig! Just wishing that the others (in HI) could have joined us that day as well! 🙂

Also, if you’d like to see any of those larger, remember to click on them, and it will enlarge. I just upload the medium sized versions since they are off the page if I upload larger.

One Reply to “A Family Day”

  1. SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! I LOVE family!!!! And we have Grammy ANS Aunt Barbara in our family, too!!! SO sweet!!! xoxoxo

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