Over Again?

I’m wavering on continuing on the April Photo A Day Challenge. It’s found here: http://www.fatmumslim.com.au/2012/03/april-photo-day-challenge-list.html?m=1
Essentially, having that list & the ‘canned’ topics motivates me to write on here. I love crossing off to-do’s and finishing things, so committing to the challenge gives me motivation. It also inspires topics, since to be honest, my day-to-day isn’t all that inspiring (obviously, save the little moments with our munchkin), so without it, I might only write every so often. Maybe someday Selah will get a kick out of these too, since I attempt to center most of them around her, or at least our family, since most of the point of this blog was to give updates to family & friends.

But on the flip side, having the topics might hinder me from straying too far from the script provided. Maybe if I didn’t do the official challenge, it would challenge me to come up with my own topics and more meaningful updates?

Who knows. If you have a feeling one way or another, please share. I’m open. 😉


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